Accelerated Academics

Hope for a marvelous  future begins at Marvelous Grace Girls Academy.  The difficulties you are facing with your daughter today do not need to limit the successful future of tomorrow.  We are a ministry leader in helping young ladies  and children focus now, so they will have future know how.  Know how to be a productive citizen in society.  Know how to apply what they learn as a child and teenager to their adult life.   Know how to study and approach academics with a positive outlook.

You are trying to find help for your daughter’s behavior.  But, in doing so, you do not want her to fall behind in her academics.  Or, you may be one of our parents who has a daughter who is behind in her academics.  Marvelous Grace Girls Academy places high value on a child’s academics.  We feel that even though the immediate need is helping your child with her behavior and choices she makes, her academics should not be slighted.

The academic curriculum that we chose 12 years ago was the Accelerated Christian Education or A.C.E.  With this time tested and proven curriculum, a student can be placed in the grade appropriate subject for her ability.  In other words, if she is spot on in Math and Science, but, she lacks the skills for English or Social Studies, she will be placed in the paces she can handle.  In this example, while she is going through the English or Social Studies paces that are a grade or two lower, she quickly learns the study skills needed.  As the subjects make more sense to her, she will then accelerate up to the grade level she is doing her Math and Science in.  For more information on the A.C.E. please visit