AUGUST 01, 2019


We just returned from ministering at Faith Baptist Church of Blythe, GA.  What excellent services we had.  The church seems to be encouraged and people helped.  Our own girls and staff were blessed by their generosity and hospitality.

When we arrived to our sleeping quarters (Nice Double Wide on the church property), we were greeted by mounds of sweet cakes and muffins.  The mound didn’t last long, as our girls endeavored…”I WANT THAT MOUNTAIN!”

The church fed us for all the meals and we enjoyed catching up with some dear friends from over the years.

If you desire for MGGA to come to your church for an update, or perhaps you have never had us in…reply to this email with your contact information.

There have been a high number of girls SAVED since our last correspondence with you.  Understand that the children who come to MGGA are “church going” most of the time.  They come from families who mostly attend church, and altogether are providing a safe and secure home for them.  The flesh, the world and the devil are against them.  We are the “last resort” for their daughter’s recovery and reclamation.

At Enrollment, we address the girls stressing three distinct points

  1. God loves you
  2. God has a plan for your life, and today, we (MGGA) get to be a part of His majestic plan
  3. MGGA is an opportunity for a FRESH START.  None of the children know why you are here, nor will they try to dig it out of you.  The staff are well acquainted with your background, but we accept you where you are, not where you should be.  We all want to help you succeed!

Enrollment can be very emotional as they process their own thoughts of failure and wants for success and victory in their lives.

During their enrollment, we stress how God created them a “masterpiece”.  They are God’s creation and God does not make “junk”.

Acceptance and recognition is highly sought after at the teen age.  Feeling wanted.  Feeling needed.  Feeling productive.  These are some of the things we help our teens with.

  • Affirmation, Confirmation and Saturation

We Affirm God’s Love and purpose for them

(Declare the truth of something)

  • We Confirm God’s Plan for them

(ratify, validate, prove)

  • We Saturate with God’s Word

(immerse, drench, cover completely)

Thank you for standing with us and standing for the girls of Marvelous Grace Girls Academy




AUGUST 02, 2019

Singing at Smyrna Baptist Church, Pensacola, FL   7:00pm


AUGUST 03, 2019

Christmas in August at Charity Baptist Church, Cantonment, FL


AUGUST 04, 2019

Singing and Preaching Service

King Lake, Defuniak Springs, FL

10:00am in the Chapel


AUGUST 05, 2019

Singing and Preaching @ Campmeeting

Pine Haven Baptist Church, Pensacola, FL




AUGUST 08, 2019

Singing at Revival with RB Ourlette

Grace Baptist Church, Ozark, AL @ 4:00pm and 7:00pm.  A supper will be provided in between services


AUGUST 09, 2019

Youth Rally

Grace Baptist Church, Ozark, AL


Supper will be provided after Rally


AUGUST 16, 2019


Ferry Pass Baptist Church, Pensacola, FL




Marvelous Grace Girls Academy is hosting TODAY IN BIBLE PROPHECY Conference.

Our Prophecy Preacher will be August Rosado.  Brother Rosado is an Independent, Fundamental Preacher, who believes The King James Bible is The Word of God!



Services will be held at the Bible Way Baptist Church, 5976 Dogwood Road, Milton, FL 32570.



AUGUST 26-30, 2019



7:00pm every night, Monday thru Friday.


The Marvelous Grace Girls Academy will be singing throughout the week as well.

Snacks will be provided after every service, including our own blend of  Organic Coffee from Bar Harbor, Maine, and our newest line from Brazil!

For more information, call my cell number:


Visit Today in Bible Prophecy Ministries:

If I can help you in any way, please do not hesitate to contact me.  I may be able to help you, however, I cannot help you if you do not contact me.

Brother Steven Blankenship, CPPC, ThM, DCC