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At 14, our daughter started sneaking out of the house.  She met some older teens who were involved in Satanism.  They introduced her to anime, satanic rock and satanic rituals.  Later in the summer, her countenance started growing dark and anime freaks were attracted to her.  We also discovered that she had been cutting herself on her thighs and sides.

Through Social Media, she has been making and exchanging X-Rated videos and pictures with others.  Some older men have enticed her to runaway to be with them.  Others have introduced her to more powerful and dark satanic rituals for more power.  She has tried to commit suicide several times. Please help us.

My daughter is only 15 years old, and she is fully committed to becoming a Prostitute.  She has plans, drawings, and directions on what major cities to go to start her “professional” life.  She is into rock music, and drugs, and very disrespectful to her Father and I.

My daughter was diagnosed with ADAD at a young age.  She has been on and off medication for years.

Me and her Dad had a rough marriage, and the children suffered.  After my husband and I could not make our marriage work, even after counseling, he committed suicide.  She was about 12 years old, and did not handle this well.  She became defiant, rebellious, running away and not coming home.  DSS got involved, and she has been in a lot of facilities trying to help her.  Currently, she is involved in drugs, alcohol, prostitution, and has no care for her own safety.  She has taken a car at 14 years old and went joy riding with my baby Grandson.  She is now on an ankle monitor and probation.

We have excellent internet security in our house.  However, while our 14 year old was using an online homeschool curriculum, she found ways through the security and began conversing with men who were “cutters”.  She has been taught the ways of God, and right from wrong.  It still bewilders me that she began cutting herself and receiving morbid, grotesque pictures of these men cutting themselves.  Her rebellion, defiance, and attempted suicides led us to a Behavioral Hospital.  One of the Psychiatrists gave us your name as a possible place that could help us in our time of need.

Can you help us?  We have an opportunity to rescue our daughter out of a RTC (Residential Treatment Center).  She has been placed in RTC’s since she was 8 years old.  In these last 2 years, she has been placed 13 times to different RTC’s.  In our State, when a child is transferred to a new RTC, the RTC receives between $8,000-12,000 from the State.  All they have done to my child is put her on many, many different drugs, and have made her a legal drug addict.  We adopted her from a very dark past that include satanic ritual abuse (SRA).  We know the help will come from The Lord Jesus Christ.

Our daughter has issues with self-worth.  She is very depressed, and down on herself.  She is becoming isolated, and retreating to her room more and more.  I am concerned that she is hooking up with some bad people over the internet.  We have tried everything we know.  Will MGGA help us?

My daughter was 10 years old, her Mother died.  I did not handle this very well, and asked the help of relatives to help her and my son.  While living with her Aunt, she began to get use of the internet unsupervised.  She began conversing with some very wicked people.  Some of the men are being prosecuted right now, for their sexual talk and pictures with her.  I need help with her, she is only 13 years old.

My 16 year old does not have a driver’s license, but that did not stop her from taking my boyfriend’s car and going riding with three of her friends.  She has been highly sexually active, defiant toward me, violent toward me, and just doing what she pleases.  I don’t know what else to do.  She is on probation, and her Probation Officer suggests a ministry like MGGA would be best for her.  I know she has struggled with Asperger’s Syndrome, and the death of her Dad.  I am asking for help.

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