Delivered from The Devil!


It is with great pleasure that I write this.  I have asked Brother Blankenship to post this, even though I must remain anonymous.  Why do I remain anonymous?  The simple answer is that people of the world are so unforgiving, and critical, and will dig up every thing you have ever done, or said, and try to smear your name.  I am so thankful that Jesus is not at all like them!  Jesus has been so patient with me, exercising longsuffering towards me.


So, when I was younger, I didn’t care about doing right, and being pleasing to my parents.  In fact, I found a group of disturbed people and joined right up with them.  We all together helped, or rather hindered each other to be wicked, perverted, ungodly and just utterly a criminal.  My life as a teenager was out of control, my attitude was rancid, and my lifestyle choices would make the vilest prisoner blush, and say, “WHAT?”


When my parents enrolled me into MGGA, I literally thought I would just play their little game and exhibit the “good girl” persona and get out quickly.  The wisdom and discernment of my parents was acute.  They saw right through me and renewed my enrollment for another term.


I want to tell you….I HAVE BEEN GLORIOUSLY SAVED BY THE GRACE OF GOD THROUGH THE BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST.  The Devil hates the Blood of Christ, and I am sure there will be haters out there to scoff at me.  But, I am the real deal.  I have been truly Born Again.  The Lord Jesus has forgiven me of ALL my sins, and that is not all.  He has FORGOTTEN all my sins.  I would love to tell you who I am, because you would never in a billion years believe that I was as wicked, vile, and perverted as I used to be.   I am so different now.  I am in a highly prominent position of life now, and even in the “public’s eye”.   There are many haters out there that hate God, hate righteousness, and hate Marvelous Grace Girls Academy.  I feel like that they would want to take my past life and hold it against me.  Again…I am very thankful that Christ does not do this.


If it hadn’t been for MGGA and the Blankenships, I would either be dead, or in some crack house yielding my body to the heathen of this world.  This is the best place for girls who are twisted in their thinking, and reckless in their living.  At MGGA, I found love, safety, care, and acceptance.  I also was found of The Lord there.  He saved a wretch like me!!


I hope this helps people.  I do want to help salvage others from this wicked world, and I hope this contribution is received as it is intended.