Great Testimony!

Brother Paul listens to my Radio Programs in New Mexico.  I sent him some of my radio recordings to use in their Reformer’s Unanimous meetings.

Here is a great testimony he wanted everyone to read!


Dear Brother Blankenship and girls of MGGA.

This was sent to me by one of our members. E.R. was on the street for many years. She and her husband have been n our RU ministry for about 7 years now,

E.R.  came to us broken.  The only fix is Jesus, Her testimony is tremendous and so is that of her husband. Her salvation was free and she has been faithful through many hardships. Please share with your girls.

In Christ, Brother Paul 


Written by Ms.E.R.:

I just thought I’d share a small testimony.. I don’t remember the exact date of when I started this dime jar. I just know its been about as old as my marriage. haha (one of God’s many Blessings and an answered prayer of mine. Speaking my marriage.) 

Well, I started to save my dimes in a pickle jar because I wanted to see how much money it would be when it was full. I wanted to see if I could do it. I wanted to see if I could stick to it. Those are not the only reasons. I had plans for that jar of money… ooooohhh.. like: I’m going to buy this, I’m going to buy that.. perhaps I can pay on a few bills… And you know there’s nothing wrong with that.. But God had dealt with me in a different way months ago and said give it away!! What..? give it away…? to who….? noooo…!! You know how long it took to save this….? I had so many thoughts as to why I should spend it on me… Yes me… But before I knew where God wanted to give it to….. I wanted to take it back… I told myself, Just start another one..! there’s always next time..! But just as quick as I thought about what I was going to do with that money.. that small still voice said, “It’s not yours..!”


About a week later that is when I heard about the Marvelous grace girls ministry… if you know me and my story and where I came from. The Marvelous Grace Girls is where I found peace for my Dime jar…. God is good… 

For each dime that was put in, the effort had to be given. For each dime that was put in, patients had to be endured.  For each dime that was put in, work was driven… For every dime was a time I thought it would all be mine. For each dime that was put in, faith had to abound. For each dime that was saved throughout the year and not knowing, it was for God’s Workmanship created for His Glory. For the Marvelous Grace Girls. For each dime… 

Love E.R.