During a very tumultuous time, such as trying to find help for your son or daughter, people get desperate. In desperation, they search any known resources available. Often, resources are working with Children’s Homes who charge tuition so very high that it is highly unattainable for most people. Other Homes for struggling teens charge $2,500 per month, $3,500 per month, even upwards to $1,000 PER DAY, and MORE!

When the tuition prices are so high, and so out of reach for most, then the homes will offer them a suggestion to finance with a Finance company. When problems and stress in the home are at an all-time high, a family may be moved to enter into a financial agreement with one of these companies, only to have the added burden of a finance charge to their already stressed situation.

Here at Marvelous Grace Girls Academy, we have made the decision to work with you concerning tuition. No one has ever been refused help here due to an inability to pay tuition. Your daughter can start receiving help and healing today,  without going into debt to do so.