2 Chronicles 20:13, “And all Judah stood before the LORD, with their little ones, their wives, and their children.”

It is no secret that our families are in a very unstable condition today.  Calls come into Marvelous Grace Girls Academy from Alaska to Florida…from Hawaii to Maine.  The plea is something of “I need my daughter turned around.”  or  “My daughter is heading in the wrong direction.”   Basically…PLEASE, I NEED MY TEEN DAUGHTER ALTERED.

With much respect, I want to submit that the FAMILY may need altering.

Girls who are enrolled into Marvelous Grace Girls Academy hear the life changing gospel of Jesus Christ, sometimes for the very first time.  Some families do not attend church, nor profess Christ as their Personal Saviour.

At MGGA, we pray as we rise up.  We teach the Bible as we go through out our day.  We pray over every meal.  The girl’s Academic School teaches Christian Values, Christian Character, and the Bible.

The girls learn to sing Christ honoring songs in three part harmony.  They memorize Bible Scripture, They learn how to engage in intercessory prayer.  In a nut shell, as we teach and train girls how to respect themselves, respect others, we introduce to them  how to know God personally.

Many girls trust Christ Jesus as their personal Saviour and their lives are transformed!  They develop a relationship with their Creator, now their Saviour and Friend.  They learn how to handle life’s difficulties through the Bible Scriptures.  The turn their hearts and love back to their parents.  It is simply amazing how girls who have been defiant, rebellious, runaway, low self-worth, confused, girls are transformed into God loving, people helping, community building individuals.  Learning how to work together in unity!

When girls receive Christ, their lives change for the better.  When they are ready to go back home to their home and family, what will they come back to?  Will it be the exact way as when they left to come to a ministry like MGGA?

In upcoming posts, I wish to give some tips on how to prepare your home for your daughter when she comes back to you.