Memorial and Honor Gift Giving


Memorial gifts are often given at the time of a person’s death instead of flowers.  It is a way to say that the person was important and will be missed But memorial gifts do not always have to come at a person’s death.  Some people also like to make memorial gifts on the anniversary of someone’s death or at other times in remembrance of someone close.  Some gifts can be given to honor someone who is still alive.  It is a celebration of one’s life at an anniversary, birthday, or just to say thanks.  One person I heard of  has a very close aunt.  She is past eighty in age, yet very vibrant in all she does.  She doesn’t need any more gifts.  In fact, she is in the process of giving away many of items of worth to her.  On the anniversary of her birth, a gift is given in honor of her through the memorial funds for youth ministry (her favorite).

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