When Parents lovingly adopt a child and provide a nurturing environment, care, protection, and exercise of family togetherness, they are often bewildered that their child does not reciprocate their thankfulness and love back to them.

The child, in some cases, will exhibit anger, defiance, or even depression.  In many cases, low self-image is the direct result of feeling abandoned.  Almost without exception, someone given up for adoption or physically or emotionally abandoned by their parents, develops low self-image.  They ask themselves the question, “What was wrong with me that my parents did not want me?”  Emotional abandonment or feeling unloved is also a root of rebellion among teenagers.  Consequently, abandonment, which affects the self-image, can pervade the entire person and become a complex problem.

I encourage parents to not feel defeated.  Your child has a bright tomorrow.  There is Hope.

Marvelous Grace Girls Academy can provide a good structured environment and help teach and train your child about acceptance.  God accepts them, and you, their parents accept them.  We at Marvelous Grace accepts the child where she is, not where she is supposed to be.  We then give them solid biblical models for life.  This, interwoven with stability and a sweet atmosphere,  has proven to be a good platform for you child to begin her transformation.