Merry Christmas to you!  I stand amazed at God’s Love for us!

I want to introduce you to the newest Christian Teen Forum on the web.  it is called “Christward Forums”.  My Son Stonewall is the Author and Administrator of this.  I recommend that you check it out and sign up.  It is a very safe place for teens and pre-teens.  There are many different subjects to choose from and it is gaining a great following.

click here:  Christward Forums

if you are not a teen, you can still join in (I have!)
Also, send the link to others, so they can get connected.

Stonewall is also writing, and you can read some of his writings on this forum.  Connect with him, and he will send you his latest stuff.  Very good quality, highly interesting, as well as compelling!… AND it comes from the mind and imagination of a Blankenship…WOW!

I sent out our last Email Newsletter, you should be receiving our latest hard copy Newsletter soon.  If you do not receive it already, please reply with your address, and I will add you for free.

Some have asked about online giving to MGGA.  You can go here:  DONATE TO MGGA

I am very thankful to all who have already written checks and donated through our website.

God will bless you for this!  Christ be Magnified.