Self-Defense / Krav Maga Training

Psalms 144:1, "Blessed be the LORD my strength, which teacheth my hands to war, and my fingers to fight:"


God is our protector!  He watches over us, and takes care of us.  You've heard it said, "God fights my battles."  While that is true, does He not expect us to do what we can?  I mean, while trusting God to provide money...GO TO WORK!  It has been said American Founding Father Thomas Jefferson said, "I'm a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it."  Do what you can do, and ask God to do what you can't do.


If we trust God, why should we learn how to defend ourselves?  There are lots of people in the world who do NOT trust God.  We train in real-scenario and in real-time.  The body cannot go where the mind has never been.  Being trained in real-scenario training, in the event of a real attack, your daughter's mind "has been there".  She will be able to evade, extinguish, escape, or execute the right level of defense when needed the most.


While your daughter is enrolled at MGGA, she will receive professional self-defense training from a law-enforcement based system.  She will learn what a criminal is looking for in a "soft" or "easy" target.  She will learn the 3 part system every criminal lives by to get advantage, and she will know how to combat their system.  She will learn situational awareness, social media safety, parking lot safety, college safety, vehicle abduction prevention, anti-abduction escapes, strikes, kicks, blocks and more.  From the very first class, she will be more confident and less fearful.  She will continually be empowered while training during her enrollment.   Training Saves Lives!  This is an investment of time and effort to learn life saving skills that will stay with her forever.


Our American Law-Enforcment System of self-defense is coupled with Israeli Krav Maga.  She will learn professional ground defense and recovery, close quarter combat and much more.  There is no other alternative to knowing how to defend yourself.  It is like insurance.  You get it before you need it, and when you need it, nothing else will do.



American Law-Enforcement Based / Israeli Krav Maga Enhanced