Self-worth is the measure of how we value ourselves. It is possibly the most basic of our psychological needs.  An invalid evaluation of our self-worth is the root problem, or at least a major contributing factor, in almost all psychological disorders. Low self-worth results in the development of facades, hypocrisy, bragging, timidity, shyness, criticalness, large emotional swings or explosive anger. It is the underlying cause in most conflict, bitterness, lack of forgiveness, striving for supremacy, as well as some of the most devastating emotional pain. At the other extreme, thinking too highly of ourselves (which is usually an attempt to cope with low self-worth), results in pride, arrogance, feelings of entitlement and a lack of empathy toward others.

We all want to feel valuable, and worthwhile.  What are you worth?  Can you do anything to be worth more, or can you do anything to be worthless?

Your physical, educational, spiritual ability does not increase your worth in God’s economy.

Nor does your inability in physical, educational, and spiritual matters decrease your worth in God’s economy.

You are worth the life and shed blood of Jesus Christ.  That is the payment for you.  There is no higher price than the life and blood of Jesus Christ.  You are worth it!