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Miss Nancy

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Nancy hails from New York.  She has been working for MGGA since 2013.  She worked for another Children's Home prior, giving her 10 years total experience in working with troubled children.

Nancy is the Manager of Marvelous Grace Furniture & Decor.

Nancy is Certified in CPR/AED, and Crisis Prevention/Intervention .  She is working on her Associate Degree of Theology, Trained as A.C.E. Administrator, and is involved in ongoing training and education at MGGA.

Miss Mauryah


Mauryah came to Marvelous Grace Girls Academy when she was 12 years old from Arizonia.  Coming from a troubled past herself, she identifies with girls who come to MGGA.  Girls who are enrolled here cannot say, "you don't know how it feels to leave your home and come to a ministry like this."  Mauryah has experienced first hand the loving care and solid structure that MGGA provides for troubled girls.  Prior to graduating High School from MGGA, she trusted Christ as her Saviour and,  shortly after,  she felt a strong call toward Missions.   Now Graduated, she has desired to stay and give back to the Ministry that helped her during her struggling years.  She is Certified in CPR/AED, and Crisis Prevention/Intervention .  She is involved in continuing training and education at MGGA, including A.C.E. School of Tomorrow Curriculum Monitor.

Miss Rachel

Miss Rachel

Rachel met the Blankenship Family in Rocky Mount, NC when she was 13 years old.  Brother Blankenship preached a Revival at her church, and her family kept up with the Blankenship family over the years. Joining  the team of MGGA in 2010, she has always had a passion for helping people.  She has earned an Associates Degree in Nursing from Pensacola State College.  Rachel is an RN as well as certified in CPR/AED, and Crisis Prevention/Intervention.  She is involved in continuing training and education at MGGA, including A.C.E. School of Tomorrow Curriculum Monitor.  She is one of our cooks and makes excellent Egg Rolls!!!

Rachel is our "go to" person concerning medical and dental.  She schedules and takes the girls to appointments.

Miss Kelly


Kelly is a native of New York.  Graduating from Pensacola Christian College with a Bachelors Degree in Missions and a Minor in Radio Broadcasting, she went to work for FBN Radio, New Port, NC in 2005.  In 2012, Kelly joined our team, bringing with her many NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) Certifications.   She is a Certified Personal Trainer, with a specialization in Corrrective Exercise.  She also is  Certified in CPR/AED, and Crisis Prevention/Intervention.  She is involved in continuing training and education at MGGA, including A.C.E. School of Tomorrow Curriculum Monitor.  Kelly is our main Cook.  She makes left overs taste like first time entree's!  You are welcome to sit in for one of her nutritious meals.

Miss Lilly

Lilly 1

Lilly arrived at MGGA at the age of 10 years old.  They say, "Dynamite comes in small packages".  This proved to be true with this young one!

After a few years of being at MGGA, she repented of her sins and trusted Christ as her Personal Saviour.  She is now a leader among her peers.  The girls are often heard to comment, "I want to by like Lilly".  This is a real testimony to what God has done in her life.

Lilly is working on graduating High School, but has already made the choice to join our team.

Lilly is a Black Belt in Martial Arts and leads our Physical Education Program.

She is trained in CPR/AED and is training in Crisis Prevention Instruction.

Miss Sarah Lin

Sarah Lin

Sarah Lin came to MGGA at the age of 17.  The sin she struggled with, along with defiance and stubbornness at home carried over with her.  She was definitely an "Unhappy Camper".

One visiting Pastor offered her $20 for one smile.  She wouldn't even fake a smile to obtain it!

During an Invitation time at the close of one of our Worship Services, Sarah Lin slammed her hymn book closed, and said to God, "ALRIGHT!  I GIVE UP!"  She submitted to God's Righteousness, Repenting of her sins, and obtained Full Salvation!

Sarah Lin has a happy disposition only through the Love of God.  Once her mind was distorted and deluded, and it has now been made free and clean through the Blood of The Lord Jesus Christ.

Sarah Lin works with the girls and has been trained to work at the MGGA Store.  She is a huge blessing and desires to work along side of our team and help others who are struggling and defeated in their lives.

She is trained in CPR/AED;  Crisis Prevention Instruction;  and Retail Sales.

Joy Wallnofer Volunteer

Mrs. Joy Wallnofer

Miss Joy definitely has a self describing name.  She not only is a joy to be around, but, she encourages joy among the girls.

She volunteers her time, talents, and gifts that God has richly granted her.  She is a strong Christian lady and is used of God here at MGGA.


Mrs. Sellier; Ms. Cox Volunteers

Mrs. Sellier and Miss Cox

Mrs. Sellier and Ms. Cox are two precious Saints of God.  They are members of our home church, Charity Baptist Church and are faithful workers of The Lord.

They have volunteered at MGGA for several years now, and bring value to The Lord Jesus Christ.  Their life of dedication and love for God enables them to love the girls here and minister to them with real results.

We are thankful to have these best of friends with our team here at MGGA.

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