Steps for Overcoming Hurts, Wounds, and Scars of Bitterness    


1.  Events and offenses will happen, but they do not have to turn into hurts, wounds, and scars.


2.  If we make the mistake of taking what happens to us personally, it hurts us.  If we apply it to our worth as a person, it becomes a wound;  if we handle our wounds incorrectly, they can become a scar.


3.  We handle our wounds incorrectly if we bury our emotions, blame others, or let them affect how we perceive ourselves.  This can result in a future hindered by the past, angry outbursts, unhealthy relationships, emotional turmoil, and sickness.


4.   We must believe that even if others meant it for evil, God will always work everything, even our mistakes, for our good.


5.   We must forgive others since they have problems just like us, refuse to judge others, pray for them and not take offenses personally.


6.  We should take responsibility for our part, do what we can to resolve the problem, give what we cannot fix to God, and grieve our losses.


7.  We are to release the past, admit our mistakes and weaknesses, refuse to accept condemnation, refocus on God’s high calling for our lives, and rely on God to accomplish His will through us.