So, you are calling Boarding Schools and Academies, looking for the right placement for your daughter.  You love your daughter.  You provide for her, and give her the best love and care you can possibly give. You are finding out that love is not enough.

What do you do, when you find yourself at the end of your rope and just do not know what to do?  So, you get online and begin the search.  Placing into the search engines every thing you can think of to rescue your troubled girl.  She may be 7 years old or she may be 17 years old, but, she is out of the scope of help you can give her.

As you search for a placement, you ask the questions of cost, care, and success rate.  The first two questions are easy to answer for any facility.  The cost and care has been set and proven by the longevity of the Boarding School.

It is the success rate that can be hard to track, and here are reasons why.

  1.  Every one is a unique creation of God and has a free will
  2. Grandma used to say, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink”
  3. Our life outcomes will come from our own choices.
  4. Seeds sown do not come to fruition immediately

A ministry like Marvelous Grace Girls Academy presents your troubled teen with structure, scheduling, spirituality, and  sweetness.   It is like a big family around here.  The girls go to school together, share the same dorm together, eat together, play together, and so on.  They have a great time and plenty of fun, but, they do learn how to respond to life issues properly.

The children and teens learn about their selves, and how to function properly in society.  While they are here they do well.  They are happy, productive, and successful.

When they go back home, their success can continue IF parents will continue similar structure, scheduling and spiritual strengthening.