Testimony of a Parent

What do our parents say about Marvelous Grace Girls Academy?
What are the real testimonies?
Here is one such testimony from one of our parents:
“My daughter has been with MGGA for 1 month now and she is doing great ! She is treated with love and respect while appreciating what she has and learning that she will receive privileges on an earning basis. I follow a weekly progress on her, and I am really impressed with the results so far. She is also able to continue her schooling away from distractions like social media, tv, etc… A special shout out to Ms. Elizabeth for being so awesome with the girls. Another special shout out for Brother Blankenship for running such a great ministry and putting this all together !! Thank you !!”
This testimony was written a little over a year ago.  While her daughter was here at Marvelous Grace Girls Academy, she had a couple of visits with her family, and they witnessed the progression of her.  They were amazed on the first visit, which came at the fourth month mark. Her daughter was acting like a totally different person.  She seemed to genuinely enjoy the family, and not feel as though they were “cramping her style”.
The second visit came around the eighth or ninth month, and it was even better.
Someone once told me, “You cannot manage something if you do not track it.”  This young lady’s family was able to monitor and track her progress.  No matter how great or small the progress is, it is still progress.
As girls progress through the program here at MGGA, they receive rewards for their good choices and decisions of life.  Our intervention staff design a child service plan for each child.  Just as the girls have different needs, their CSP is designed just for them.  When they attain their planned goals, it is time for them to return home.  As in the case of this young lady!  She is at home with family, and continuing with her daily devotions and applying what she learned here to her life at home.