Those with avoidant attachment styles believe that they are worthy of love and able to obtain it, but, do not view others as safe attachment figures.

While unable to place trust in others, they will trust only themselves, get their needs met though performance, and attach superficially.  This is where parents will often categorize their daughter or son as a chameleon.  That is, the ability to become what they perceive you want them to be.  Blend in with the crowd they are in, so to speak.  This leads to disappointments to all parties involved.

Because those with an avoidant attachment style strongly believe that others are not safe, it is extremely difficult for anyone to convince them otherwise.  When confronted with someone they see as untrustworthy, unavailable, or insensitive, the avoidant easily detaches emotionally, but may remain in the relationship.

There is hope for avoidant attachers.  Here at MGGA, we are consistently pointing them to the one that can be trusted.  Trusted totally, fully, openly, without any question in their mind or heart.  This One is The Lord Jesus Christ.

Christ is still the answer for a hurting world.