Those with a disorganized attachment style do not believe that they are worthy of love or capable of obtaining love from others.   They do not believe that they can trust others to be safe as attachment figures.  Behavior can become very erratic with no solid behavior response.

What we need to note here is that  many disorganized attachers have histories of being abused, abusing others or failing to meet the expectations of others.  A repeated history in these attacher’s minds do not give much structure or security to their hearts and lives.

Interestingly, the disorganized attachment style exhibits the characteristics of both the ambivalent and the avoidant styles.  They, many times,  are emotionally distraught.  Because they see their attachment needs as catastrophic, they overreact to attachment issues in order to force others to attach to them.

The seriousness of this attacher is they will sometimes become so emotionally distraught that they will threaten to or even commit suicide.

Intervention for this attachment style, as well as the ambivalent and avoidant styles, should be sought out.  If you would like to discuss help for your daughter at Marvelous Grace Girls Academy, please call me at 850-995-7006