When parents struggle with their children’s bad behavior, whether it’s disrespect, arguing or severe defiance, it can be very frustrating trying to find the right support and intervention. Learning the right skills can help. Understanding and learning reasons for your child or teenager’s behavior can prove beneficial. Repetition and consistent training will improve and strengthen your role as a parent.

If you long for TOTAL TRANSFORMATION OF THE FAMILY, it will have to include Christ. Christ is the only one who can totally transform your child, teen, spouse, and even you. God has the answers you are looking for.
A lot of programs and step by step plans will leave out the most crucial remedy…Jesus Christ.

If you are not a Born Again Believer, I urge you to read the Book of Romans. Honest consideration of this book can lead you to Christ. If you are a Parent who have longed for someone to come along side of you and help…will you trust Jesus Christ as your Personal Saviour. With Him, you can proceed in applying the principles found in the Bible to your family.