This video makes reference to Evolution.  While we hold to Creationism, and reject The Theory of Evolution, this video is too rich in good, sound and easy to understand information.



Be patient with your teen.  He or she, will be alright.  God has a divine plan for their life.  Here are some tips to not getting frustrated or flipped out over your daughter or son’s way of thinking and acting.

  1.  We have all heard….”Remember, you were a teenager once”.   While this is true, this may be the very thing that is alarming you (LOL).  You remember what you were up to at that age, or you remember what you should have done at that age.  People have a tendency to look at others from the vantage of their own heart.   Be cautious to draw conclusions without knowing facts.
  2. We need to realize that even though we were teens at one time…we are not teens at THIS time.  There are things that do not change, like the love of God;  human sin, suffering, pain, etc.  But, there are things that have shifted and changed.  There are those who have been rewriting American History.  Trying to do away with morality, freedom, godliness, and decency.
  3. Let us purpose to give space for our children and teens to grow.  Do they make mistakes?  Do they break things?  Do they outwardly show disregard for their own wrong choices and decisions?  Yes, Yes, Yes…and Yes to what ever else may be said about our teen’s behavior.  Their brain is developing.  When a picture is taken by a camera, it goes through development stages.  In the beginning stages of development, it does not look like what you wanted it to, nor what you expected.  Give it time.  In time the photograph will develop and bring forth your smile of satisfaction of capturing your moment.  A beautiful thought of our teens.  Give them time, and they will develop in a positive and purposeful way.