Victory In Defeat!










Victory in Defeat,

By Anna Schmidt

My salvation is, like many others, a miracle.  The world had a good grip on me, but thank God, He is stronger.  He scooped me out of the world’s clutches and brought me to Marvelous Grace Girls Academy.

When I arrived at MGGA, I was angry.  I was blinded by sin and thought I couldn’t live without it.  however, after being at MGGA for a while, I began to see that I really needed help.  I sought guidance and direction from the staff at MGGA, but they could only help me so much because my real problem, sin, was not one they could cure.

At first, I liked going to church.  I loved the feeling of love in the church, but as time passed and I began to feel conviction, I began to like it less.  I had talked to many of the staff before about my problems and I always received the same answer, “You need to get saved.”

I knew what I needed, but I was determined to rule my own life and do things my way.  Months went by and I was absolutely miserable.  I had no defense for my mind, and my heart knew exactly what I needed, but my pride was the devil’s playground.  I began to feel the misery of a life without hope, faith, and God.

I was nearly defeated by the devil when I finally found the relief I needed and the Saviour.  On November 22, 2019 I repented of my sins and accepted Jesus Christ as my Saviour!!

Sometimes God lets us go through things so that we see our need for Him.  For several months I had been in complete desolation, I was digging in a black hole trying to find an answer, when the only Answer was up above me.  Exhausted and defeated, I looked up and found Victory.  In the past two months I have been learning how to serve my God, change my attitude, and submit to God’s will.  I now know that being at MGGA is God’s will for me now, and I await when He will direct me elsewhere.