What is Happening in Baytown, Texas, and all Over the Country

If you read the article out of Baytown, Texas concerning the Mother and two daughters murdered, you are in as much sorrow of heart as we are.  A 16 year old girl met a 21 year old man online.   They began dating, and she and her family ended up murdered.  The 21 year old is a person of interest to the police investigators.  I ask you to please pray for the remaining family members.

All over America, there are countless reported stories such as this one.  For every one that is reported, there are numerous of ones never reported.  Teen girls meet men online, make a connection in person, and it turns out for the worse.  Our teenagers have been given a lot of liberty that we as parents need to rethink.

One of the biggest reasons we get calls here at MGGA is due to teen girls getting caught in the World Wide WEB, or InterNET (emphasis mine).    They get in so deep, and wide spread that they do not even know how to get out, if they wanted to.  We hear testimonies regularly around Marvelous Grace Girls Academy from our girls that they wish their parents had not allowed them a Smart Phone, or unsupervised use of the computer at home.  Our children sincerely appreciate parents who will establish boundaries and standards that are higher than the status quot of their peers.

Parents, you can take back your home!  I encourage you to make changes in your home that will help guard and sustain your children.  Tomorrow, I will give you some changes that you could do at home that may save your daughter’s testimony, reputation, and her life.